Flier vs. flyer – which one is correct?

If you’re not sure about the right usage of the words flier and flyer, you’re not alone. It is very easy to get confused. Fortunately, we are here to explain everything clearly in detail with examples. Enjoy reading!

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Flier vs. flyer – which one is correct?

Flier or flyer – which one is correct? Flier is the correct form. And guess what? Flyer is the correct form, too! The truth is that both flier and flyer are correct. There is no incorrect form here. Both words are interchangeable in meaning and usage.

Flier vs. flyer. What’s the meaning of the word flier?

Flier is a small piece of paper advertising a product or some event. Simply saying, this is a handbill which contains an advertisement or information. It is usually given out to passers-by.

Flier vs. flyer. What’s the meaning of the word flyer?

We’re only teasing you. You already know that flier and flyer mean the same thing. However, there is also a second meaning of flyer – an air traveller. Somebody who flies. Actually, it doesn’t always have to be a person, it might as well be some object.

Flier vs. flyer – what’s the difference?

There are different letters in the middle of these two words: i and y. The version with y is definitely more often used. One more difference is that flyer sometimes means a twist of yarn while flier omits this meaning within its use.

What are the synonyms of the words flier and flyer?

  • When we think about a small piece of paper advertising something, we can as well use the words leaflet, handbill, pamphlet or brochure.
  • If we mean a flying enthusiast we can call him an aviator or airman.
  • When it comes to an object which takes flight, it can be a kite or aeroplane.

Flier vs. flyer? Now it is all clear! Examples of these terms in sentences

  • Our new flier and business card look great.
  • My grandfather was a really brave flyer.
  • It’s worth being a flyer because flyers receive travel privileges.

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