When to use ‘s or s’ – meaning, differences and examples of use

‘s or s’ – how to say that something belongs to a concrete person? Are you wondering how to tell who the bike you pass every day on the staircase belongs to? There’s a significant contrast between whether you say that it’s neighbors’ or neighbor’s vehicle. What’s the difference?

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‘s or s’ – meaning. How to correctly use a possession forms?

‘s or s? Both forms are using to show possession of a thing or place, or to describe the relationship between other people. It’s a shorter way to say that something belongs to your, for example, friends or roommate. Instead of talking about home, when you were raised and where your parents live, you can say that you have in mind your parents’ house.

‘s or s’ – what’s the difference?

Possessive ‘s (with apostrophe before “s”) always comes after a noun. This is why, you can use it if you say the name of your friend, or you want to indicate concrete place, city, etc.

Possessive s’ (with apostrophe after s) comes with regular plural nouns. Usually, you just need to add an apostrophe at the end of a plural noun. But if there’s no “s,” it’s needed to add both: the apostrophe and the “s”.

How to say that something isn’t yours? Examples of use ‘s or s’ in the sentence

  • I don’t know them. They’re my parents’ friends.
  • We’re doing our best to fulfill customers’ need.
  • Oh no! I’ve left my laptop in Toby’s car.
  • Have you already visited all New York’s museums?

Let’s see also an example of sentence, when something belongs to more than one person.

  • I spent all day at Bob and Miranda’s house.

It’s enough when you add the apostrophe and the “s” after the last name. There’s no need to put possessive form after every name in the phrase.

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