Attornies or attorneys – which one is correct?

What do you call people who are legally qualified to represent their clients in court? Do you call them attornies or attorneys? Have you ever wondered? We know which version is correct and we want to share this knowledge with you! Read this article and find out!

Attornies or attorneys which one is correct meaning definition correct form examples

Attornies or attorneys – which one is correct?

The only version you can use is attorneys, although attornies sounds very familiar. In this case, using the word that ends in -ies would be incorrect. Beware of this common mistake!

What’s the meaning of the word attorneys?

Attorneys is a shortening of attorneys-at-law. This phrase refers to people who passed the bar examination administered by the American Bar Association. In other words, those people provide legal assistance.

What are the duties of attorneys?

Attorneys’ responsibilities include giving legal advice, preparing legal opinions and drafting legal acts. What’s more, they appear before offices and courts. This profession is a very demanding job!

What’s the difference between attornies and attorneys?

We can clearly notice that attornies and attorneys have different endings. Let’s take a look at a singular noun attorney – it ends with a vowel and y. Why would we change the ending in the plural form? Definitely we shouldn’t do that. What we ought to do is to add s to make attorney plural. As easy as that!

What are the synonyms of the word attorneys?

There are some other words that we can use instead:

  • advocate,
  • barrister,
  • counselor,
  • counsel.

There is also a lawyer who attended law school, earned a law degree and joined a law firm, just like the attorney. However, not all lawyers are attorneys because only the people who passed the previously mentioned bar exam can be called attorneys.

Attornies or attorneys? It’s all clear! Examples of attorneys in sentences

  • Camile Vasquez was one of Johnny Depp’s attorneys.
  • Divorce attorneys do their best to guide their clients through the divorce process.
  • You should contact experienced attorneys for a consultation.

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