Judgment or judgement – which one is correct?

Judgment or judgement? If you are not sure what is the right way to write this word, you are not alone. Obviously to form this noun you simply add the suffix -ment to the verb judge, but do you drop or retain the “e”? Before you reach any definitive judg(e)ment, let’s look at all the relevant facts.

Judgment or judgement? Which form is correct meaning definition correct form difference examples Correctme.org

Judgment or judgement – which form is correct?

So is it judgment or judgement, or perhaps they can be used interchangeably? The short answer is that judgment is the preferred spelling, but it is not so straightforward and requires further investigation before forming a final judgment. Read the below section to find out why.

Judgment or judgement – what is the difference?

While in the US there is only one correct spelling: judgment, it is not quite that simple elsewhere, as in the UK and other English-speaking countries both spellings are acceptable, but have been traditionally used for slightly different purposes: judgment remains the preferred spelling in British courts and legal proceedings, and judgement is used in the general sense.

Judgment or judgement? The correct form

So, judgment is the prevailing spelling, although as you can see, the matter of judgment or judgement is quite complicated. To assimilate the above information, read the following section on the definition of judgment with the examples of how to use it in sentences.

Judgment or judgement? The meaning

Judgment is the ability to assess situations or circumstances and make good decisions; good sense.

  • Landing a plane requires good judgement.
  • He showed fine judgment in saving his money.
  • It proved difficult to make a judgment about how well the team was performing.

Judgment also has the following legal definitions:

1 a judicial decision given by a judge or court.

  • The Court is expected to give its judgement within the next five days.

2 the obligation, especially a debt, arising from a judicial decision and the certificate embodying such a decision.

  • A judge awards a judgment to a creditor that needs to collect money from a debtor.

Judgment or judgement? More examples from the literature and press

Incomplete planning, poor judgment, bad luck, and worse weather conspired against him.

Susan Blackaby, Sterling Biographies®: Cleopatra: Egypt’s Last and Greatest Queen

So maybe the jarring movement of jogging is clouding my judgment.

Holly Goldberg, Sloan Counting by 7s

Negotiating rents means that rental rates are subject to an individual judgment call, which may create an unequal housing market.

“Washington Post”, May 3, 2022

Both sides may file a motion for summary judgment, which means they ask the court to rule on all or parts of the case without going to trial.

“New York Times”, Jul 11, 2022

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