Anual or annual – which one is correct?

Anual or annual? Is it possible that such remarkably similar words are both correct? No way! The only correct form is annual with double n. So how did the form anual come to life? When should we use these words? Stay tuned and read on to find out!

anual or annual? Which form is correct meaning definition correct form difference examples

Anual or annual – what’s the difference?

The only correct form is annual, which means that anual is simply a misspelling. Thus, under no circumstances the word anual should be used.

What’s the meaning of annual?

Primarily, the word annual is an adjective referring to a situation happening once a year, e.g.: annual meeting or annual check-up. Moreover, annual might be a synonym for of one year. In this case, it shall be used in phrases such as annual income or annual rainfall. But the use of annual does not stop here! Annual is also a noun referring to a plant that grows and dies within a year. Last but not least, annual might be a book that comes every year and covers a similar area of interest but provides the reader with different and new information.

Anual or annual – now it’s all clear! Examples of annual in sentences

Watch out for administrative fees. Even though you won’t pay an annual fee, there are other costs associated with credit cards, such as late fees and interest charges if you don’t pay off your balance each month.

Flávia Milhorance, The Guardian

So even in the most traditional display gardens of perennials and bulbs, self-sowing native annuals like the Euphorbia are encouraged.

Margaret Roach, The New York Times

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