A part or apart – which one is correct?

A part or apart? Do you know which form is correct? If you do not – it is ok. English can be tricky sometimes. To cheer you up a little bit – both options are correct, but their meaning is not similar even a tiny bit. If you want to learn the difference, you need to read the following text.

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A part or apart – what is the difference?

I hope that you are more relaxed now knowing there is no incorrect form. You probably wonder what the difference is apart from the space between a and the rest of the word. As you can see sometimes even as little thing as a blank space can make a difference.

A part or apart – what is the meaning?

The word a part is a noun and it means: a piece of a thing. On the other hand, the word apart is an adverb and it simply means: not together, separated. It is easy, isn’t it? To help you memorize these words let’s look at their synonyms.

A part – synonyms

  • Chunk,
  • piece,
  • component.

Apart – synonyms

  • Aside,
  • disconnected,
  • cut off,
  • distant,
  • divorced.

A part or apart – now it’s all clear! Examples from literature

I believe that now you would not hesitate how to write any of these two words. However, it is always a good idea to make some extra effort to learn it better. To do so, read below examples of the usage of these words in the literature:

“I don’t want us to grow apart,” I blurted out.

Root magic by Eden Royce

Maybe this was totally stupid, but a part of me feels good.

Internment by Samira Ahmed


There is a slight difference between the words apart and apart from. The words apart from means without or except. Look at the example below.

I like all the food apart from the meat. = I like all the food except the meat.

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