Cancelation or cancellation – which is correct?

This is a word that all students love. At the same time, this is also a word that all concert lovers hate. What’s the word? Of course, we mean cancellation or cancelation? Read the text below and check which version of this word is correct!

Cancelation or cancellation? Which form is correct meaning synonyms definition correct form examples

Cancelation or cancellation – what’s the difference?

The main difference between cancelation and cancellation is that the second one has double L. Why is that? Let us explain. In American English, people don’t double the final L. There are few exceptions to this general rule, but usually words with one L are much more often used. That’s why in American English the word cancel becomes canceling, canceled, and cancelation.

Cancelation or cancellationwhich one is correct? Which one should you use?

Cancelation is the correct form. However, that does not mean that cancellation is the incorrect form. Cancellation is correct, too! Which one should you use then? It depends if you speak British or American English. If you answered „British”, using cancellation with two L’s seems to be a more reasonable option. The same applies to English dialects. It would seem that cancelation is better in American English, but to be fair, Americans use both versions.

What’s the meaning of cancelation and cancellation?

Both cancelation and cancellation are nouns, meaning the same thing – the action of cancel(l)ing something. The second definition says that it’s a crossing out of something written. And finally, those words can also mean a mark that is made on a postage stamp in order to show that it has been used. The plural of cancelation is cancelations, and the plural of cancellation is cancellations. As easy as that!

What are the synonyms of cancelation and cancellation?

Cancelation and cancellation are words that are worth knowing. However, it’s beneficial to know their synonyms to expand your linguistic knowledge:

  • abandonment,
  • annulment,
  • abolition,
  • elimination,
  • dissolution,
  • reversal,
  • repeal.

Cancelation or cancellation – it’s all clear! Examples of those two words in sentences

  • Any cancelation should be commissioned on paper.
  • In case of reservation cancelation, the gift voucher becomes invaild.
  • The storm caused flight cancellations.
  • If necessary, confirm the cancellation.

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