OPP – what does it mean? Definition, synonyms and usage

Do you know what does the word OPP mean? Does this word remind you of any other word? I bet it does. Before reading the further part of the article try to think bout the words that begins with OPP.

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OPP – what does it stand for?

The word OPP may be both an abbreviation and an acronym. Before we try to figure out what does the word OPP stand for, let’s explain the difference between an acronym and an abbreviation.

An acronym is composed of the first letters of a certain expression or a name of an institution, etc. Look at the examples below:

ASAP – As Soon As Possible
EU – European Union
VIP – Very Important Person

An abbreviation is composed of the first letters of a certain word, for example:

Eng. – English
Lit. – Literature
Ref. – Reference

Opp – what does it mean?

Opp as an abbreviation means:

  • Opposite
  • Opportunity

OPP – what does it mean?

OPP as an acronym means:

  • Other People Property
  • Other People’s Problem
  • Other People’s Privates

Or in business English:

  • Opening Price Point
  • Out-of-Pocket Payment

As you can see opp may have plenty of different meanings. The easiest way to distinguish one from another is to know the context.

Learning tip: Always learn words in context – that will help you in using them correctly.


In slang, the word opp may have sexual connotations as in the acronym: other people’s property (or in the uncensored version – other people’s p***y) which refers to a person who is in a relationship, but despite that he or she is hanging out or is having sexual relations with other people.

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