Que or queue – which one is correct?

Que or queue? For English language learners, encountering some words always leaves them perplexed. Sometimes it is caused by an absurd pronunciation or spelling. Sometimes, like in the case of que and queue, it’s both. Let’s straighten out the differences and similarities between those two!

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Que or queue – what’s the difference?

The distinction between que and queue is that only one of them exists in the English language. Although que seems less strange, it is the word queue as an entry in English dictionaries. The French origin of the term is why its spelling and pronunciation /kjuː/ leave much to be desired. This word appears odd because the spelling has not been changed so that it would properly match the pronunciation in English.

Queue – what does it mean?

The word queue has its place among both nouns and verbs. As a noun, it is a synonym for the American line, which refers to the people or things standing one behind another, waiting for something. It might also be a list of things a machine or a person has to do. To queue or to line up means to wait in line, wish to do something, or arrange some data to be taken care of.

Que or queue – now it’s all clear! Examples of queue in sentences

Though a string of withdrawals had thrown surprise opportunities the way of those above him in the queue, the TV screen looked set to be the closest Daly would get to Crooked Stick that week.

Jack Bantock, Cable News Network

A pair of contradictory federal court rulings Friday over the abortion pill mifepristone will almost certainly queue the issue up for the Supreme Court (…).

John Fritze, USA TODAY

The first was the sheer size of the queueing crowds. Some speculated it was the largest funeral crowd ever.

Stephen Reicher, The Guardian

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