Equity or equality – which one is correct?

Equity or equality? Yet another example of two words so similar that it seems impossible that they both are correct. Surprise! Not only are the nouns equity and equality both correct, but they differ little in meaning, making it difficult to tell one from the other. Hopefully, soon all doubts will be dispelled!

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Equity or equality – what’s the difference?

Equity or equality? Both equity and equality are connected to the concept of individuals receiving some support. The difference is that equity means that the individuals are provided with different resources, so they have the same opportunities. Equality, on the other hand, refers to a situation in which all individuals, regardless of their particular needs, are given the same resources.

Equity and equality – other applications

The noun equity is also used in the law and business sectors. In such contexts, equity might refer to the equal shares into which the value of a company is divided. It may also apply to the value of a property or business or the company’s capital. Equality is only used in a matter of fairness.

Equity or equality? It’s all clear! Examples in sentences

Lawmakers attempted to promote equity when they created a medical marijuana industry in 2014 (…).

Erin Cox, Washington Post

President-elect Joe Biden has met with leaders of some of the nation’s top civil rights organizations and vowed that his administration will prioritize racial justice and assemble a diverse Cabinet that can tackle pressing equity issues.

Editorial Office, The Independent

In a recent webinar about LGBT+ inclusion in schools, Elly Barnes, founder of Educate and Celebrate, advised attendees on two possible models that could be adopted by schools to promote greater equality.

Saman Javed, The Independent

Half a century after the passage of Title IX, female students and athletes still struggle to achieve equality in important ways.

Jasper and Hank Farr, USA Today News

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