Every day or everyday – which form is correct?

Every day or everyday? Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between these two words or is there any difference at all? The answer is: yes, there is and even native speakers sometimes confuse them. I hope it has lifted your spirit a little bit. If you want to know more and know the difference, you should definitely read this article.

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Every day or everyday – which form is correct?

Every day or everyday? Luckily, both forms are perfectly correct! However, you cannot use them interchangeably. So what’s the difference?

Every day or everyday – what is the difference?

It is simple, everyday is an adjective. As you probably know adjective is a part of speech that describes a noun. On the other hand, every day is an adverbial phrase which in this case indicates frequency.

Every day or everyday – what is the meaning?

Everyday means something ordinary or regular, as in the phrase: How can I help you in your everyday duties?

Every day describes frequency, as in the phrase: You should brush your teeth every day.

What are the synonyms of every day?

  • Each day,
  • day by day.

What are the synonyms of everyday?

  • Normal,
  • ordinary,
  • regular.

Every day or everyday – it’s all clear now!

We use everyday to describe a feature of a certain thing, as: everyday clothes, everyday breakfast. While every day we use when we talk about frequency. We can use the word every with month, days of the week, for example: every Monday, every July and also every hour, every minute, every time, etc.

Every day and everyday – examples from the literature

Petra and Calder felt separated from everyday life by a chasm of responsibility.

Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett

It was so much a part of everyday life even the local police didn’t bother with it, which is why the island was also a depot for smugglers.

Hole in My Life by Jack Gantos

She came over dutifully, every day, even while I stared at the wall and said nothing.

Girl in the Blue Coat by Monica Hesse

We ended up fussing at each other almost every single day.

Courage to Soar by Simone Biles

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