Lay vs. lie – which is correct?

Which one should you use, lay or lie? The answer to this conundrum is easy for native English speakers. However, people who don’t use English for their professional lives and on a daily basis may find those two words confusing. Luckily for them, we have explained everything below!

Lay vs. lie which one is correct meaning difference definition correct form examples

Lay vs. lie – which one is the correct form?

We’re not gonna lie, both lay and lie are correct forms. There is no incorrect form!

Lay vs. lie – what’s the difference?

Let’s start with why people keep messing up those two words. The answer is simple: the first and the last letters are the same in both words. However, there are different letters in the middle. Lay with a vowel in the middle has a completely different meaning than lie with e vowel.

What’s the meaning of the word lay?

Lay is a verb, which means to put something in a flat or horizontal position, usually for a particular purpose. The plural of lay is also lay, unless we mean one of the most popular brands of chips.

What’s the meaning of the word lie?

When it comes to the word lie, this is the same part of speech – verb. According to the definition, to lie is to say something that isn’t true to deceive someone. It also means creating a false impression. The plural of lie is lies.

What are the synonyms of lay?

  • Place,
  • put,
  • put down,
  • set,
  • set down,
  • situate.

What are the synonyms of lie?

  • Tell untruth,
  • tell lies,
  • deceive,
  • bluff.

Lay vs. lie – it’s all clear! Examples of lay in sentences

  • Some people like to stop at a beach and lay for a few hours.
  • Patricia loves to lay in bed surrounded by her books.

Examples of the use of lie in idioms

  • Let sleeping dogs lie – not to stir up old conflicts; not to provoke arguments over unresolved issues.
  • If you lie with dogs, you get up with fleas – you need to be cautious of the company you keep, otherwise you will take on their undesirable traits.

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