Journeys or journies – which one is correct?

Journeys or journies? Correct one is journeys.
Journeys or journies which one is correct meaning definition correct form examples plural form of journey

Journeys or journies – which one is correct?

Nouns ending, and correct spelling, can be tricky sometimes. There are many words with similar meaning; sometimes two words, seemingly different, carry the same meaning. Sometimes we know a singular form well, but we have problems with correct plural form. For example, what is the plural of journey? Is it journeys or journies? Or is the pair journeys journies, similar to potato-potato: no difference whatsoever, despite the words ending differently? Let’s see how the correct word ends.

What is the plural form of journey: journies or journeys?

The only correct plural noun for journey is journeys. According to the definition, journey is ‘an act of travelling from one place to another’. Other synonyms of the noun include: trips, voyages, tours, travels, and cruises. Quite obviously, then, plural journeys denote at least two acts of travelling. We can speak of car, bus, plane, train, motorcycle, bicycle, boat, ship and yacht journeys.

Where does the incorrect plural for journey stem from? How come we mistake journeys, journies?


What’s the difference between journeys and journies?

Journey plural form problems may occur when someone lives under a false assumption that each noun ending with –y should form its plural version with the ending –ies. That’s not true! According to standard rules, in some cases, when a noun ends with –y preceded by a vowel, we need to form its plural by adding the suffix -s. We can see that clearly in the examples of the words donkey, monkey, birthday and toy.

The noun journey in plural is journeys! It’s all clear! Examples of journeys plural in sentences

  • This is one of my favourite journeys!
  • Unlike my brother, I like car journeys.
  • Mark had made three journeys before without any incident.


What are the synonyms of the word journeys?

There are a few words that have similar meanings to journeys:

  • trips,
  • voyages,
  • tours,
  • travels,
  • cruises.

The motifs of the journeys in literature

  • The Odyssey by Homer.
  • The Bear by William Faulkner.
  • The Divine Comedy by Dante.
  • Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino.

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