Posible or possible – which one is correct?

It’s possible not to know all the English words. After all, no one is a walking dictionary! If you have wondered about the proper usage of the word included in the title – we are here to help. Which spelling is correct, posible or possible? You can find the answer below!

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Posible or possible – which form is correct?

The only correct form is possible. It’s impossible to use the form posible as the correct one. Posible, possiblle, possable, posiblle… none of these forms are correct. These language errors most often result from the fact that all the versions sound alike when said out loud.

What’s the meaning of the word possible?

Possible can be both an adjective and a noun. Possible as an adjective has two meanings: capable of existing or happening, or existing in possibility. In other words, possible is able to exist, able to happen, or able to be done.

When it comes to the word possible used as a noun, it also has two meanings: something that can be done, or an applicant who may be suitable and is likely to be chosen.

What’s the difference between the words posible and possible?

The main difference between posible and possible is the number of the letter s. The form with one s cannot be correct, taking into account the etymology. The word possible comes from Middle English possible, from the Old French possible, which in turn comes directly from Latin possibilis, from posse, possum. Each of these words has the letter s doubled!

How to say possible differently? Synonyms of the word possible

There are many synonyms of the word possible. Here are some of them worth mentioning:

  • practicable,
  • feasible,
  • attainable,
  • viable,
  • achievable,
  • probable,
  • potential.

Posible or possible – it’s all clear! Examples from literature

The sun was awakening, and Minli wanted to return home as soon as possible.

Grace Lin, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

The sun obviously had not disappeared—that wasn’t possible.

James Dashner, The Maze Runner

The door closed behind me, and, sooner than should be possible, he was sitting next to me, starting the car.

Stephenie Meyer, Twilight

More examples on how to use the word possible in sentences

  • It’s possible that it’ll rain.
  • I tried to spend as little money as possible.
  • It’s possible to log in to a site through a web app.
  • The answers on the test should be as accurate as possible.

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