Roll call or role call – which form is correct?

Roll call or role call? Homophones are the biggest bane during dictations. Words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings are a tough nut to crack. Whole or hole? Knight or night? And finally – roll or role? Let’s find out!

Roll call or role call which form is correct difference meaning definition synonyms correct form examples

Roll call or role call? Roll and role – what’s the difference?

The word roll has multiple meanings and can be both a verb and a noun. Roll means to set something in motion by turning it over and over or from sight to sight. It can refer to making some substance smooth and flat, or even to making a repeated, deep sound.

As a noun, roll means small bread, fat on a body built up in one place or a movement from sight to sight and, finally, a list of names. Role, on the other hand, exists as a noun only and signifies somebody’s position and duty that comes with it. Additionally, it often refers to an actor’s part in a film or play.

Roll call or role call – which one is correct and what does it mean? Let’s find out!

The very fact that the words roll and role both exist and, for the worse, sound the same may render it difficult to choose the correct one. However, the only correct collocation is roll call. This expression refers to reading all the names on the list to confirm their presence. It is often used in combination with verbs take, do and call.

Roll call or role call? Now it is all clear! Examples of roll call in sentences

  • All soldiers must report for a roll call in every two hours.
  • In order to check the attendance, the teacher must take the roll call every lesson.

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