Whether, weather or wether – what’s the difference?

Whether, weather or wether? Those three words are homophones. Hence, they are pronounced in the same vein but have different spellings and, more importantly, completely different meanings. So, what do each of these mean, and how can they be used correctly? Keep reading to find out!

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Whether, weather or wether. Whether – what does it mean and when to use it?

The word whether belongs to the grammatical group of conjunctions. It is used to report a question, express doubts, or introduce some possibilities. Whether might be replaced with the word if or may appear as a phrase whether or not.

Examples of whether in sentences

  • When they asked me to join the team, I was struggled with whether to accept or decline.
  • Ann said her going out with us depended on whether or not she had the time and money.

Whether, weather or wether. Weather – what does it mean and when to use it?

The noun weather refers to the conditions in the air, such as wind, rain, or temperature. Weather might also be a verb referring to dealing with a difficult situation with a positive outcome. Its synonym is to live through. Furthermore, this verb might also mean changing color or form due to exposure to weather conditions.

Examples of weather in sentences

  • Since you cannot predict the weather in autumn, you should dress in layers.
  • Even though they were a couple for ten years, they weathered the breakup.
  • We should have our house repainted from the outside as the wooden walls have weathered.

Whether, weather or wether. Wether – what does it mean and when to use it?

Wether is a noun with only one specific meaning. It refers to a castrated male sheep or goat.

Examples of wether in sentences

  • Wether is a male sheep that has had its reproductive organs removed.
  • On the paddocks in Australia, there are more wethers than ewes.

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