Serendipity – what does it mean? Definition, synonyms, examples in sentences

What is serendipity? How to use this noun in a sentence? What is the etymology and synonyms of this word? If you want to find the answers to these questions, this is the right place, whether you are here intentionally or by serendipity!

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Serendipity – definition

Serendipity is the fact of finding or creating interesting or valuable things that one has not been looking for. Serendipity also refers to the occurrence of pleasant events by chance.

Serendipity – synonyms

Here are some synonyms of the word serendipity that will be helpful in remembering its meaning:

  • fluke,
  • happenstance,
  • blessing,
  • luck,
  • dumb luck,
  • good luck,
  • happy chance,
  • lucky break,
  • stumbling upon,
  • tripping over.

Serendipity – etymology

The origin of the word serendipity is pretty interesting, as it was coined by English politician and author Horace Walpole in the year 1754. Walpole formed this word from the ancient Persian fairy tale “The Three Princes of Serendip” whose characters “were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of” [Walpole]. The word serendipity was not published until 1833, however, it begun to turn up in publication in 1890s.

Serendipity – how to use it in a sentence? Examples from the literature and press

This is the property of collaborating in a physical office space that creates new serendipities and opportunities that you don’t really get when working entirely virtual or remote.

“Forbes”, Sep 9, 2014

“I think authenticity, serendipity and surprise is what makes TikTok awesome and that will continue.”

BBC, Apr 3, 2022

“There was my Moroccan tour guide! We stopped and chatted for a few minutes about the serendipity of seeing each other again thousands of miles away.”

“Washington Post”, Aug 14, 2022

Sometimes, serendipity played a role in his work as a historian.

“Washington Post”, Aug 8, 2022

This is totally different from our concept of planned serendipity, which is luck that you create for yourself.

“Inc”, Jun 12, 2012

“Robert’s sextet is now impossible to buy. You encounter his music only by serendipity in vicarages in July afternoons. This is your one chance in your life. You can work this gramophone?”

David Mitchell, Black Swan Green

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