Receipt vs. recipe – which one is correct?

Receipt or recipe? If we lived in the 16th century, it would make no difference if the word recipe or receipt was used. And that would be because until the 17th century, both recipe and receipt were used regarding cooking instructions. Is there any difference between the two these days? Keep reading to find out!

Recepit or recipe? Which form is correct meaning definition correct form difference examples

Receipt vs. recipe – what’s the difference?

Traditionally, both receipt and recipe were connected with cooking instructions. But in the 17th century took place a big farewell to semantic similarities between receipt and recipe. Since then, not only the spelling and pronunciation divide the two words, but also their different meanings.

Receipt vs. recipe. Receipt – what does it mean and when do we use it?

Ever since, receipt, as a noun, refers to a paper statement of products, services or money received. Moreover, receipt can indicate the act of obtaining something.

Receipt vs. recipe. Recipe – what does is mean and when do we use it?

Recipe, on the other hand, is a noun implying a list of foods or an instruction set. To spice things up, recipe can also be a part of a phrase: be a recipe for something, which means making it likely that something happens.

Synonyms to receipt

  • Certificate,
  • ticket,
  • bill,
  • receiving,
  • obtaining.

Synonyms to recipe

  • Method,
  • technique,
  • instructions,
  • ingredients,
  • modus operandi.

Examples of receipt in sentences

  • Employees using company credit cards should collect receipts for final billing.
  • Orders are shipped within one day of payment receipt.

Examples of recipe in sentences

  • The subtle change in our recipe will allow our customers to enjoy the taste of our dessert – the hallmark of our restaurant.
  • Placing such trust in one person and giving them access to all the company’s assets is a recipe for disaster.

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