Assure vs. ensure vs. insure – what’s the difference?

Assure, ensure and insure – do you know the difference? In every language, there are words that have different meanings but sound very similar. Because of this similarity speakers tend to confuse such words which may give an unintentionally funny result. Such a situation is called malapropism. You’d better read this article if you do not want to be a victim of a linguistic mistake.

assure vs ensure or insure Which form is correct meaning definition correct form examples difference

Assure vs. ensure vs. insure – what’s the meaning?

Assure, ensure and insure – three similar words. Despite they are all alike in their meanings, they may also be used in different contexts. How to make sure you won’t confuse them? Know their meaning.

Assure, ensure and insure – meanings and definitions

1The word assure means: to make somebody certain of something or to promise something, especially when we want to comfort someone, as in the phrase: I assure you, I won’t tell anyone!

2The word ensure means: to take certain actions to achieve an expected result or to provide someone with something, as in the phrase: The company ensure its employees 30 days of paid holidays.

3The last one – insure means: to pay a certain amount of money to a company to protect one’s property or health against loss or damage, as in the phrase: The Brown family insured their house for £1 000 000!

Assure, ensure or insure – it’s all clear now! Examples in sentences

I hope that now you can tell the difference between these three words easily. If it still is not a piece of cake, you should have a look at the examples below:

The defense machine’s hunger virtually assured them of a job through retirement.

Margot Lee Shetterly, Hidden Figures

The home sister was there to supervise and ensure decorum.

Ian McEwan, Atonement

Howard lost everything but his cars, but he had been insured.

Laura Hillenbrand, Seabiscuit: An American Legend


In American English the word insure may be used with the meaning of the word ensure (to take certain actions to achieve an expected result).

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