Breathe vs. breath – what’s the difference?

Words breathe and breath are pretty often mixed up in English. They have similar meanings and related spellings. But similar doesn’t mean the same, right? What should you know about those two words?

Breathe or breath which one is correct difference meaning definition synonyms correct form examples

Breathe vs. breath. What’s the meaning of breathe?

Breathe is a verb. According to the breathe definition, it means to draw air into your lungs and expel it again. Breathing is inhaling air and exhaling it once more.

Breathe vs. breath. What’s the meaning of breath?

Breath is a noun. It’s the air brought in and then exhaled in the act of breathing. It can be concluded that breath and breathe are words that „complement” each other, however, saying „We breathe breath” doesn’t sound good.

Breathe vs. breath – what’s the difference?

We are dealing here with two different parts of speech. We use the word breathe when we talk about an activity. When it comes to breath – noun – it’s a word used to identify a thing. In this case, by breath we mean air.

What are the breathe and breath synonyms?

The most common synonyms of the word breathe are:

  • inhale and exhale,
  • respire,
  • sigh,
  • gasp.

In turn, the breath synonyms are:

  • inhalation and exhalation,
  • wind,
  • puff.

Breathe vs. breath – it’s all clear! Examples of those words in English idioms

There are many idiomatic uses of words breathe and breath that everybody should know:

  • Nick will breathe new life into the team (Nick will reinvigorate the team).
  • Monica can breathe easily now (Monica feels relieved).
  • Emma and Rachel breathe painting (Girls are big fans of painting).

  • You take my breath away (You are extremely beautiful/surprising).
  • This new project is a breath of fresh air for our company (The project is original, not like other projects).
  • Lena said it under her breath (Lena spoke quietly).

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