Noone or no one – which is correct?

Several years ago, Alicia Keys wrote a song saying that there is no person who can get in the way of what she’s feeling. There is no one who wouldn’t know the chorus of the song. However, does anyone know how to spell the beginning correctly? No one or noone? Does it even matter? We are ready to prove that it really does matter. We are already revealing that one version is an entirely incorrect form!

Noone or no one? Which form is correct meaning synonyms definition correct form examples

Noone or no one – which form is correct?

The only version you ought to use is no one. So, if you want to use proper English, you should press the spacebar on your keyboard more often. The phrase with a space between „no” and „one” is the correct form.

What’s the difference between noone and no one?

Noone without a space is the incorrect form and, unfortunately, a common mistake. Even if we know the correct form, we sometimes use the incorrect one while being in a rush. It happens to the best of us! Well, it turns out that the biggest difference is that noone is one word and no one is two words. According to the spelling rules, we should use the two-word phrase.

What’s the meaning of no one?

No one is an indefinite pronoun, meaning nobody. However, it is considered a bit more formal than nobody. We should not be surprised that no one appears in writing more often. As we already know, we should write no one as two seperate words. It is worth knowing, however, that there is also a version with a hyphen – no-one. It does exist, but it’s best to stick to no one version.

What are the synonyms of no one?

There are many other ways to say no one. These are among others:

  • none,
  • nobody,
  • not a soul,
  • not anyone,
  • not a person,
  • not a single person.

Noone or no one? It’s all clear! Examples of no one in sentences

  • I called, but no one answered.
  • No one can live forever.
  • No one I know has ever been to Madrid.

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