Discretely or discreetly – what’s the difference and when to use

Discretely or discreetly – which word will be appropriate to say that you want to do something quietly so that others won’t notice what you’re doing at the moment? Both words are pronounced the same, so it is important to focus and get context when talking. Read the explanation.

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Discretely or discreetly – what’s the difference?

You have to be careful! Discretely and discreetly are homophones, that is, they sound the same even though their meaning is different. They are also adverbs. If you’re talking with someone in-person, it’s essential to have a context. Otherwise, you and your interlocutor will be misunderstood.

Discretely or discreetly – which is correct?

Of course, both words are correct, if you use their meaning properly. You can’t say that someone is doing something discretely, when he is quiet.

Discretely – meaning

Discretely means something is being done in a way that is separated from other parts. You will understand the word better, when you learn the synonyms:

  • Differently,
  • independently,
  • individually,
  • singly.

Discreetly – meaning

When you’re willing to do something discreetly, it means that you want to keep a secret that you’re doing this. For example, you can discreetly wrap a gift for your partner to make a surprise. You can also use this expression, if you want to describe an activity that does not make noise or draw attention.

Discretely or discreetly – examples of use

To easier understand the differences between both words and know when to use discretely or discreetly, you have to learn some practical examples of use.

When to use discretely?

  • I’m not sure if this song is good. Can we discuss chorus and verses discretely?
  • Every part of this book should be read discretely.

When to use discreetly?

  • The secret agents are discreetly hiding in the mountains.
  • When I was on the phone, she discreetly entered the room.

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