Whilst or while – which one is correct?

Whilst or while? At first glance, whilst and while resemble one another a great deal. Sometimes, when two words are similar, they tend to be used interchangeably, which is not always correct. In order to determine if whilst and while might be utilized in the same manner, we need to establish if they are both correct and whether or not they always carry the same meaning. Let’s resolve the doubts!

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Whilst or while – which one is correct?

Initially, it is vital to stress that both whilst and while are correct and can be used interchangeably in most cases. Whilst as well as while shall be used as a conjunction and an adverb to introduce a situation that was happening at the same time as something else. They are the synonyms of the phrases during the time and at the same time as.

Whilst or while – what’s the difference?

Above all, whilst is considered a more formal version of the conjunction while and tends to be used mainly in Great Britain. Moreover, the word while can also appear as a noun and a verb. In the first case, it refers to an unspecified period of time. In the second, it designates an action undertaken to pass the time. Whilst does not have those abilities.

Whilst or while? Examples of whilst and while in sentences

  • The phone rang while I was cleaning the kitchen.
  • The dogs fooled around for a while in the garden.
  • The kids used to while in the part after school.
  • They were on their way home whilst the robbers were plundering the property.
  • Tom is making a tea whilst waiting for a phone from his doctor.

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