Lier or lyar – which is correct? Let’s learn what’s the difference

Have you ever thought about the meaning of the words lier or lyar? Only one form is correct. Discover the definition and examples of use in a speech!

lier or lyar? Which form is correct meaning definition correct form difference examples

Lier or lyar – which is correct and what’s the difference

It may be a surprise that only one form is correct, which one: lier or lyar? We are here to help you understand the differences. The only word that can be successfully found in the dictionary is… a lier.

Lier or lyar – correct form and definition

Now you know that lier is a correct form, but do you know what is the meaning of lier? You can use this form to describe someone or something that is lying in a horizontal position (on the table, under the bed, on the floor, etc.).

Lier is often used in incorrect form. It can be handy if you remember the definition. Why? Lier is very similar with liar – they are homophones, and that means they should be pronounced exactly the same. Because of that, many people use them also as synonyms, but now you know the differences.

To summarize, lier describes someone or something that lies down, whereas liar is a person who lies.

The plural of lier

The word lier refers to a concrete person and objects, it means that you can easily create a plural of lier. Try it for yourself and just add s at the end. The correct plural of lier is… liers!

Lier or lyar? It’s all clear! Examples in sentences

  • John is a professional lier. You have to see him during manifestations, he can lie down for hours!
  • The lier is a person who lies down.
  • If you want to find a way out of the wood, your compass should be a lier and lie down horizontally.

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