Loosing or losing – learn correct form and what’s the difference

Loosing or losing – which form is correct when you want to say that your favorite football team is not going to win in this season? Both words are similar and may be confusing. Loosing or losing – meet the differences!

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Loosing or losing – which form is correct?

You may be surprised when we say that bot forms are correct! Due to this fact, you cannot say that loosing or losing are incorrect. Discover more about these words and improve your English!

Loosing or losing – what’s the difference?

Have you ever considered what’s the difference between loosing and losing? Now you know that both forms are correct, but even if they look similar, they have different meanings. When you add an o to losing, you will get a fully separate word. Always check twice before using them!

Loosing – meaning

It is a rarely used word, so it can be confusing when you see it in a book or hear it in someone else’s speech. But the definition of loosing is not complex at all! Loosing means to free something or someone from the restrictions. It is the present participle form of the verb to loose.

Loosing – examples of use

  • Be quiet! Mark is now loosing the arrow at the target.
  • The only response for entering someone’s house without him knowing, is the loosing the dogs.

Losing – meaning

It is definitely a more familiar and recognizable word. The definition of losing is to fail winning or fail to maintenance company of concrete person or object. It is a present participle form of to lose.

Losing – examples of use

  • Our team is losing this game, try to make a different move!
  • I am losing money so fast. Maybe I can find something cheaper.

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