What does OFC mean? Definition, synonyms & examples in sentences

The world seems to be going faster each year, and we constantly need to adapt to new things just to keep up. What do people mean when they write OFC and how to start using this word yourself?

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What does OFC mean?

Simply put, the abbreviation OFC is short for “of course”. It is used in informal writing, notably in texts and instant messaging, as a response to a question or statement from the other speaker. Most commonly, it has two meanings in this context – as a response to someone thanking you (as in “don’t mention it”) or as reassurance (as in “definitely”). See below for more synonyms.

Where does OFC come from and how to use it?

Like any abbreviation, OFC appeared as a way of saving time – it only has a written form and wouldn’t be used in spoken language. Because it originated in Internet slang and appears in casual contexts, it’s best to avoid it in formal writing and opt for the full phrase or one of the synonyms.

What to use instead of OFC?

Here are a few examples of synonyms you can use to say OFC in the two contexts in which it’s likely to appear:

  1. obviously, certainly, for sure, naturally, without a doubt
  2. no problem, you’re welcome, no worries, don’t mention it

Now we know the meaning, let’s see this abbreviation in action!

Example sentences with OFC

We asked numerous women, via social media ofc, their opinion on the matter, and it was pretty split – but the general consensus is that it kind of depends.

Ella Glover – Metro, June 8, 2023

Kindle has proven to be the most versatile of the ones I’ve used in the past, and this is the simplest kindle out there (not counting refurbished older models OFC).

“Washington Post”, Sep 23, 2022

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