Puting or putting – which one is correct?

It’s really unbelievable how some words can be so alike and yet so different. In this article, we will explain the difference between the words puting and putting. They have almost the same spelling but does that mean that both of them are correct? Not necessarily!

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Puting or putting – which form is correct?

The one and only correct form is putting with a double t. Puting cannot be correct because the letter t isn’t doubled. But don’t worry – mistakes happen even to the most experienced language lovers!

What’s the meaning of the word putting?

Putting is the present participle or the gerund of the verb put. It’s worth noting that put is one of the words with hundreds of definitions. Taking this into account, putting can mean:

  • placing or moving to a particular position,
  • causing something or someone to go to a particular place in order to remain there for a time,
  • bringing into a particular condition or state,
  • printing or writing something in a particular place,
  • expressing a comment or a thought in a particular way,
  • estimating something to be – we mean a particular amount here,
  • flowing in a particular direction (this applies to rivers),
  • throwing a weight or a shot (in athletic sport), or simply a throw or a weight or a shot (noun),
  • hitting a golf ball into the hole from a short distance.

Puting or putting? What’s the difference between the words puting and putting?

The main difference between the right word putting and the incorrect spelling puting is that the first one is spelled with double t and the latter has only one letter t. There’s the rule saying that when adding -ing to a verb ending with a consonant, a vowel, and a consonant, you have to double the last consonant. That’s why the verb put becomes putting, not puting.

What are the synonyms of the word putting?

  • Placing,
  • setting,
  • putting down,
  • setting down,
  • laying,
  • laying down,
  • situating.

Putting or puting – it’s all clear! Examples from literature

Mamma came and sat next to her on the bed, putting her arm around her.

Sandhyi Menon, When Dimple Met Rishi

He slowed down after a while, putting his feet down onto the ground again, and scratched the back of his head.

John Corey Whaley, Where Things Come Back

Paul wasted no time putting her plan into action.

Winifred Conkling, Votes for Women!

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