Wheelbarrow or wheelbarrel – which is correct?

Wheelbarrow or wheelbarrel – do you know which of these words means transporting small loads? Which one is the correct form? Luckily we know it and we’re going to share this knowledge with you!

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Wheelbarrow or wheelbarrel – which form is correct?

The only correct spelling is wheelbarrow. There is no such form as wheelbarrel. Wheelbarrow is a combination of two words, wheel and a barrow. Wheel is a circular frame of hard material which makes it possible to turn on an axle. When it comes to the word barrow, it is a derivation of the Old English word bearwe. What’s wheelbarrel then? Well, it turns out that it’s just an occasional mistake people make.

What’s the meaning of the word wheelbarrow?

The definition of a wheelbarrow says that it’s a device used for carrying loads. We can also describe a wheelbarrow as a small hand propelled vehicle, which usually has just one wheel. Wheelbarrows are rarely two-wheeled. One exception is a traditional Chinese wheelbarrow with a central wheel supporting the load.

This kind of vehicle is usually guided by a single person who uses two handles at the rear. Thanks to carrying small loads in this way, the weight of loads can be distributed between the operator and the wheel and it is much more convenient to carry heavier and bulkier loads.

What’s the difference between wheelbarrow and wheelbarrel?

Actually, changing barrow into barrel should not surprise anyone, keeping in mind that barrow, originally meaning something similar to a stretcher on legs with shafts, isn’t a common word anymore. We are dealing here with a phenomenon in which an unfamiliar word barrow is exchanged into a familiar sounding word – barrel, meaning a cylindrical container which is bulging out in the middle.

What are the synonyms of the word wheelbarrow?

  • Rickshaw,
  • wagon,
  • truck,
  • barrow,
  • dolly.

Wheelbarrow or wheelbarrel – it’s all clear! Examples of wheelbarrow from literature

He found a wheelbarrow and pulled it out and tipped it over and turned the wheel slowly, examining the tire.

Cormac McCarthy, The Road

He was pushing a wheelbarrow when he saw Mr. Crane.

Ashley Hope Pérez, Out of Darkness

Sheriff Dean eyed the wheelbarrow but kept a safe distance.

Clare Vanderpool, Moon Over Manifest

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