Inbetween or in between – which one is correct?

You might’ve seen both spellings used, inbetween and in between, especially on the Internet, but be careful because only one of them is correct. Here’s everything you need to know about this phrase.

inbetween or in between? Which form is correct meaning definition correct form difference examples

Inbetween or in between – which is correct?

The only way this expression can be written is as two words, so the correct choice is in between. Although you might see it from time to time, inbetween as one word is a spelling mistake and shouldn’t be used.

The meaning of in between

In between is mostly used as a preposition meaning: in the middle of two extremes, objects, etc. Another acceptable spelling includes a hyphen – in-between – to turn the word in to a compound adjective with the meaning that something is intermediate.

Also, remember that in some cases it’s enough to just use between on its own, and this added “in” is redundant. For example, you might say that a train runs between two cities (which are the first and last stop of the line) with other stations in between.

Inbetween or in between – now it’s all clear! In between and in-between in context – examples

First, we learned that high end rum does not make a better rum and Coke. The nuances in expensive rums are often masked (and sometimes altered) by the Coke, rendering it useless. Also, bottom shelf always tastes like bottom shelf – it’s somewhere in between that had the best results.

„Huffington Post”, May 20, 2014

Spread out the squash on a large platter and arrange the tomatoes in between. Drizzle over the yoghurt, sprinkle over the coriander, cashews and shallots, if using, and serve.

The Guardian”, Sep 5, 2015

And as I find myself aching for the crush and chaos of flying, I appreciate more and more that sweet in-between time that an airport provides a wanderer.

„Salon”, Nov 15, 2020

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