Happened or happend – which is correct?

Happened or happend? Non-native speakers may find it difficult to decide which spelling is correct. Do you happen to know if the form happened is correct? Or maybe you should use happened? How to write this word? Which one is just a common misspelling, not correct English? Read the article and you will find answers to all the questions!

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Happened or happend – which form is correct?

Happened or happend? The right answer to the title question is that the only correct form is happened. It’s impossible to use the word happend because it doesn’t exist in the English language. Happend is the incorrect form, but many people think it isn’t, taking into account that the end of the word happened is often not clearly heard or said.

What’s the meaning of the word happened?

Happened is the past tense and past participle of the verb to happen. How to understand this word? Well, when something happens, it is done without being planned. When something is happening, it is taking place “here and now”.

However, we’re focusing more on the past tense in this article. You might be surprised by how many people ask the question “What happen?” with reference to the past, even though they stay with the present tense of the verb to happen. This is a slang form, which shouldn’t actually be used.

Here is an example of what happened used in a sentence:

  • What happened when you saw Kate in person?

What’s the difference between the words happened and happend

The majority of regular English verbs form their past participles and past tenses by adding -ed. There are also verbs such as dare, desire, die – generally verbs that end with a letter e. All we have to do in order to form past forms from them is to add -d at the end of these words. It seems obvious that the regular verb happen needs the ending -ed, not just -d.

What are the synonyms of the word happened?

  • Occured,
  • took place,
  • came about,
  • came off,
  • resulted.

Happened or happend – it’s all clear! Examples from literature

As I regained my strength I learned what had happened.

Rudolfo Anaya, Bless Me, Ultima

Yes, it’s fear. Mostly for you, not me. If something happened to any of you because I was there, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

Veera Hiranandani, The Night Diary

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