LOML – what does it mean? Meaning, use, examples and synonyms

Acronyms are an essential part of our everyday language. Some of them have been used so commonly that they became separate words; take laser, for example. Still, there are many abbreviations that we see quite often, but their meaning is a puzzle for us. In this article, we shall unravel the mystery of a 2005 acronym, LOML.

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LOML — meaning and origin

LOML, or loml, stands for four words: ‘love of my life’. It is pronounced as ‘lom el’, and describes your beloved, a special person; a soul mate. There is also another version of the acronym, OTLOML, meaning ‘one true love of my life’, just in case your sweetheart should have any doubts about their status.

As you can probably guess, the abbreviation appeared in the early days of texting. Our younger readers may not remember that, but mobile phones used to have little keypads. To write a word, you had to click buttons a number of times. Besides, text messages had a limited number of signs you could use. To save time and space, people started to use more and more acronyms. Some entered our everyday language. Next to LOML, there emerged other short forms, like LOL (‘laughing out loud’), JK (‘just kidding’), BRB (‘be right back’), or OMG (‘Oh my God’).

LOML – use and examples

Of course, acronyms are not something you are going to use in formal communication. You can still text them to your friends or partner, they may appear in chat rooms, e-mails, or forums.

As it is hard to find literary examples of LOML, let us see some Urban Dictionary propositions:

  • Judy is my high school sweetheart and we got married after college. She is my LOML.
  • Do you see that girl over there? LOML for sure.
  • She’s my LOML i love her so much.

LOML – synonyms

There are many ways to replace LOML in your texts. The simplest ones are a heart emoji ♥, the <3 symbol, or another acronym, ILY, standing for ‘I love you’. If you, however, want to express love in a more old-fashioned way, you can use words like beloved, dear one, treasure, or even lovebird.

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