Lens or lense – which one is correct?

Lens or lense? It might be assumed, as in many cases presented before, that the word lens and lense are both possible spellings of the same noun. However, these are not two variants and not even two distinct words. In fact, only one of them is actually in use. Which one is considered correct? Let’s expose the truth!

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Lens or lense – what’s the difference?

Out of those two, only lens is an existing word, while lense sets an example of a misspelling. Even though the noun lens and its plural form lenses end with s, they shall be pronounced /lenz/ and /lenzɪz/, respectively. The reason for that is lucid since, in both cases, the ending s appears after the voiced consonants n and y.

Lens – meaning

The noun lens has two meanings. First and foremost, it refers to a curved object made of a transparent material that enables the items to seem closer, further, larger, or smaller. It may also designate a part of the eye that helps you to see clearly. It also appears in a phrase through the lens of something that means according to a certain perspective.

Lens or lense – now it’s all clear! Examples from literature

Viewing any part of the bright sun through a camera lens, binoculars, or a telescope without a special-purpose solar filter secured over the front of the optics will instantly cause severe eye injury,” NASA states.

Kate Perez, Doyle Rice, USA Today

It wants to get oxygen and doesn’t want bacteria to grow like crazy, and it wants lenses to be smooth and comfortable (…).

Tom Perkins, The Guardian

The Treasury’s refusal to put this year’s Budget through a gender lens makes no sense and must be reconsidered.

Vera Alves, The New Zealand Herald

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