Thru vs. through – which one is correct?

Thru or through? Have you ever thought about the difference between these two words? I bet you have seen at least one of them on the streets of your town, maybe even in the local restaurant. Drive-thru – isn’t it familiar? I bet it is and the good news is that both of these words are correct. Nevertheless, you should know the rules for using them.

thru vs through Which form is correct meaning definition correct form examples

Thru vs. through – what is the difference?

Thru or through. Although both words are perfectly correct, we shouldn’t use them interchangeably. Why? The first one is used only in informal situations while the second one can be used in formal and informal situations. The word thru is considered an informal version of the word through.

Thru vs. through – what is the meaning?

Both words thru and through have the identical meaning which refers to the movement and describes the action of going from one side to another. However, the form through is more multipurpose. It can stand for an adjective, an adverb and a preposition, while the other one thru is used only while referring to the drive-thru – a service provided by restaurants which allows its customers to pick up their order without getting out of the car.

Thru vs. through – synonyms

  • Across,
  • past,
  • by.

Thru or through – now it’s all clear!

Now you know that although both forms are correct, the form thru is reserved specifically for informal situations such as sending text messages or posting messages on groups on social media.

Thru or through – examples in the literature

I memorize the diagrams of her proposed route through Toronto.

Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood

I greeted them through the piece of canvas that served as their front door.

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

Thru and through – examples in the pop culture

Come thru, come thru, come thru, come thru
Girl you know we got thangs to do.

Drake – Come thru

Take my money, take my keys
Drive this car through the drive thru please.

5 Seconds of Summer – Money

I’m going through changes
I’m going through changes

Eminem – Going through changes

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