Gaurd or guard – which one is correct?

Have you ever wondered how to spell this word correctly? And have you ever wondered where the word comes from? In this case, the origin of the word is really important. Is it gaurd or guard? The answer is below!

gaurd or guard? Which form is correct meaning definition correct form difference examples

Gaurd or guard – which form is correct?

Guard is the correct form. Gaurd is an incorrect spelling that shouldn’t be used at all. If you see anyone using the word gaurd, ask them to GUARD their language.

What’s the meaning of the word guard (as a noun)?

Guard can be both noun and verb, depending on the context. Guard noun means an individual who watches over a place, something or someone (such as security guard or palace guard). The other definition says that the guard is a person who has duty over someone or something. Guard means a precautionary measure warding off impending damage, danger or injury. Guard can also be a person who plays that position on a football team.

What does the to guard verb mean?

Guard – verb means to defend or protect something. For example, a police officer can be stationed outside to guard the door. To guard is also to watch over at the edge of the border or to keep careful watch to prevent something. Sometimes, the purpose of guarding is to prevent people from running away.

Gaurd or guard – what’s the difference?

The key difference between guard and gaurd is in the placement of the vowels. Gaurd comes as a result of misplacing the ‘u’ and ‘a’. The origins of the word guard are French (guarde). As you can see, in the French derived spelling, the letters ‘ua’ are used in the exact order. It’s never ‘au’.

What are the synonyms of the word guard?

  • Protect,
  • look after,
  • keep an eye on,
  • patrol,
  • protector,
  • nightwatchman,
  • guardian.

How to use guard – related words in sentences

  • The left guard was injured.
  • I saw three men guarding the ship.
  • An insurance policy is a really good safeguard.

Gaurd or guard – it’s all clear! Examples from literature

  • I realized I must pay attention to what the guard had said and stay there until morning.
    The House of the Spirits: A Novel
  • Lord Nestor, I charge you to keep a close guard on my prisoner.
    A Game of Thrones
  • He watched as the night guard left and was replaced by a new man.

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