Infact or in fact – which one is correct?

Infact or in fact? Although the phrase in fact is commonly used, it is just as often misspelled. As luck would have it, in fact, only one spelling is correct!

Infact or in fact? Which one is correct meaning definition correct form examples

Infact or in fact – which form is correct? Let’s make this clear once and for all

The only right way to spell this expression is to write it separately: in fact. The pronunciation might be misleading as we do not pause between in and fact. As a result, it sounds like one word and not an adverbial phrase.

What does the phrase in fact actually mean?

The expression in fact is used to emphasize the truthfulness of the statement expressed, especially if the contrary was expected. There are many synonyms for in fact that differ in register.

Among them are:

  • actually,
  • really,
  • as a matter of fact,
  • if truth be told.

What place does a phrase in fact have in the sentence structure?

It is no secret that English language is very particular about its sentence structure. It is crucial that the phrase in fact used at the beginning of the sentence be followed by a comma. The alternative is to use in fact at the end of a sentence and end it with a period.

Infact or in fact? It’s all clear! Examples from literature

We had the best educations – in fact, we went to school every day (…)

Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

In fact, if you do me the honor to intrust your confidence to me, you will do well to leave me the choice of the measures to be employed.

Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

They might in fact, have borne down a great deal more than they met with, for there was little to distress them beyond the want of graciousness and warmth.

Jane Austen, Persuasion

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