Trainning or training – which form is correct and why

What to write in the description of the photo posted on your profile on social media: That was a successful… trainning or training? After all, a shot from a gym cannot be described with an incorrect word! Let’s discover the correct form and definition of this term. It will be a great workout for the mind.

Trainning or training? Which one is correct meaning definition correct form examples

Trainning or training – which form is correct? What’s the difference?

When you type both phrases in a text editor one word will be immediately underlined in red. For a good reason! It turns out that one form is completely incorrect and should not be used. It is, of course, the word trainning. The only correct form of writing this expression is: TRAINING.

It will become much more understandable when we find out how the word was formed. Just add the suffix -ing to the verb train. There is no need to use double n.

How to use a synonym for your workout? Definition and meaning of training

Aerobics, exercise and… what more? There are many ways that you can say that you work out. If you want to expand your word resources, be sure to check the dictionary definitions of new expressions. Did you know that training can be also used as a description of the process of learning the skills at work or during seminars? Then it is important to remember that this is a process which leads to upgrading our abilities.

Trainning or training? It’s all clear! How to use training in the sentence? Explore the examples used

Since one expression can be used in a different context, it is worth learning about some example uses in sentences. Thanks to this, you will easily understand whether your friend learned new things at the gym or during lectures at the university.

  • It is necessary for a new employee to do an initial training period.
  • She is in training for the marathon we saw on TV yesterday.
  • Training starts tomorrow morning. Don’t be late!

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