Affected or effected – what’s the difference?

There are rules in the English language that allow us to group some words together in order to create compound words. Does that rule apply to at least, too? Which form is correct, atleast or at least? The text below will answer these questions!

affected or effected? Which form is correct meaning definition correct form difference examples

Affected or effected – where from do those forms come?

Both affected and effected are verbal adjectives, meaning they stem from the verbs affect and effect, respectively. The first one means to influence or pretend. The latter, on the other hand, means to cause something to happen. As a noun, it refers to the result achieved by a certain action.

Affected or effected – what’s the difference?

The word affected is used when something was changed in a certain way or was influenced by something else. Furthermore, it might be an adjective describing something or someone insincere. Effected, on the other hand, means executed and achieved. Moreover, it is not an independent word but a past tense form of the verb effect.

Synonyms to affected

  • Afflicted,
  • touched,
  • influenced,
  • altered,
  • fake,
  • insincere.

Synonyms to effected

  • Achieved,
  • accomplished,
  • fulfilled,
  • resolved,
  • settled.

Affected or effected – now it’s all clear! Examples in sentences

Examples of affected in sentences

  • The greatest destruction is seen in areas affected by natural disasters.
  • Work performance may be adversely affected due to poor relations among the employees.
  • When we first met her, I found her very affected, but now I know it was the wrong impression.

Examples of effected in sentences

  • All projects effected from this year’s budget were charitable and non-profit.
  • The order shall be effected within 14 days of signing the Contract.
  • Official joining the Team shall be effected after a successful probationary period of one full month.

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