Truely or truly – which one is correct?

Imagine that you want to emphasise that your feelings are sincere and genuine. Are you going to use the word truley or truly? Many people ask themselves this question because of the big similarity between those two words. Which is correct? Wonder no longer. Just read the text below and find out!

Truely or truly? Which form is correct meaning synonyms definition correct form examples

Is it truely or truly? What’s the difference between those two words?

Truely or truly? We don’t intend to keep you in suspense. Truly is the only correct form to use. There is no other acceptable way to spell this word. Truely isn’t an alternative spelling. This is only a mistake often made by non-native English speakers.

Truely or truly – correct form

You can come across words fine or nice that retain their „e” when you add the adverb suffix -ly. It is true that finely and nicely are correct forms. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to create an adverb truely from the word true in the same way.

What’s the meaning of the word truly?

Truly is an adverb meaning in a truthful way. The definition says that truly means also „to the fullest degree; genuinely or properly”. Truly emphasises your description of something. Truly emphasises that what you’re saying is true.

What are the synonyms of truly?

There are a few words we can use instead of using truly:

  • truthfully,
  • frankly,
  • honestly,
  • candidly.

Truely or truly – it’s all clear! Examples of truly in sentences

There’s no greater way to emphasise what needs to be emphasised than by using the word truly. Here are some examples of the use of truly in truly realistic sentences. 🙂

  • She truly loves her husband.
  • Believe me, Jennifer, I’m truly sorry.
  • Her niece was a truly dedicated science teacher.
  • I truly never minded being on my own.

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