Fulfil or fulfill – which is correct?

You might have seen two spellings of this word – fulfil and fulfill, but what is the difference between them? Is there only one way to spell it or are both versions acceptable? Keep reading to find out.

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The difference between fulfil and fulfill

This verb, which means to “achieve or realize something that was expected, promised, planned”, is an example of a word that has spellings dependent on geography. If you see this word written as fulfil, you can be almost certain that the text is connected to the UK or Australia, while the double “l” is preferred in the US. Both spellings can be used in Canada.

Whichever spelling you choose, it will be correct, but remember that it is best to be consistent – adopt one and stick to it a given text. The only error you can make is to add an “l” to the first syllable of the word and spell it as *fullfil – this is not acceptable in any variety of English.

Spelling with other parts of speech

The above-mentioned differences also apply to some other parts of speech formed from this verb. Depending on where we are or who we’re writing to, there can be two versions of the noun: fulfilment (BrE) and fulfillment (AmE). However, it is important to remember that the past participle fulfilled and adjective fulfilling are always spelled with double ‘l’, regardless of the variety (see the first example below).

Now you know the correct spelling, let’s look at how the word can be used in real texts.

Fulfil or fulfill? Example sentences

A window must fulfil two purposes—it must keep out rain, wind, and cold, and must admit light; having fulfilled these ends, it may be beautiful.

Christopher Dresser – “Principles of Decorative Design”, 1870

Together she and Mark Antony would work toward a common goal to fulfill their common destiny.

Susan Blackaby – “Cleopatra: Egypt’s Last and Greatest Queen”, 2009

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